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Jasper Sprinfs Farm inthe summer, selling graass-fed beef

Hi!  Welcome to Jasper Springs Farm. This is the short version of the story. 

The farm is owned by Erin and Ryan (partners), and Mom Shawn.  Growing up Erin dreamed of owning a farm and having a place family could enjoy nature and all it's glory. She spent a majority of her life in rural Pennsylvania showing horses, caring for livestock and often smelling of manure. The desire for farm life never ceased, and with her fiance Ryan and mother-in-law Shawn, they made dreams come true. They bought over 21 acres in Western Washington, located in the Boistfort Valley, where they're surrounded by beauty, mountains and fresh air.  Together they currently raise Angus and Dexter cattle, free range chickens and grow organic fruit and veggies. Soon they hope to add a couple horses, goats and expand their grow.

Erin developed a love for sustainable agriculture and obsession with small-scale farming when working on a grant in the Eastern Sierra that addressed the many issues with our food system.  One of her goals is to help be apart of change, further addressing how we look at food in this country and support young farmers. Erin also provides organic farming certification assistance and web design/digital marketing services. 

Ryan grew up in California, with a passion for the outdoors and snowboarding.  He traveled in the music industry for many years before getting into sales, and hoping for a more meaningful role in life. Moving to Washington was a natural step in the right direction. Ryan is currently lead operation manager when it comes to tending to the cattle (our cow whisperer). He also is in the process of starting a new, organic business. More to come on that very soon!

Shawn has lived all over the Western half of the country, but is truly home in Washington. She has deep heritage in this state and family that has been rooted in the Friday Harbor area since early 1900s.  She is the bookkeeper, organizer, master of coordination, chicken tender and baker of the farm (her pies are to die for, sold seasonally). Shawn suffered a bad accident and hurt her ankle several years ago. In someways that inspired her to make sure life is enjoyed with animals, nature and in good health with family who can be there for her, too. Being on the farm has a grand affect of overall happiness for everyone. Come visit and discover for yourself! 

What's in the name. The farm is named after their beloved Jasper, a whippet mix who stole hearts and sadly passed away too young from cancer. Not a day goes by that he isn't missed dearly. When Erin looked at the farm the first time, the owner said..."there is Jasper everywhere here"... referring to the stone but it meant something more as he had recently passed. Too many signs said this farm of ours was always meant to be. And well, the rest is history.  

Thank you for supporting us and our local farming partners. See some of our friends listed below. 

Our butcherhttps://www.finnscustommeats.com/about/

Local market, farm-to-tablehttp://www.jeremysfarmtotable.com

Local Cheesehttps://blacksheepcreamery.com/cheese/ 

and  http://www.willapahillsfarm.com

Jasper, farmed is named Jasper Springs Farm after our friend and beloved dog
Jasper, farmed is named Jasper Springs Farm after our friend - a whippet mix

For our best friend in the world, our one-eyed whippet: Sir Jasper Hamilton, 2009-2017

Jasper, farmed is named Jasper Springs Farm after our friend
Owners of Jasper Springs Farm, Erin Ryan Saller and Shawn Hastings