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Farm Updates! 9/18/18

Hi Folks!

Here are some photos from this summer and fall. We are canning away and harvesting some wonderful apples, pear, berries, plums and more. Jams, cider, and sauces all in the works.

We are also still getting tons of squash, brussel sprouts, tomatoes, peppers, corn, potatoes, kale, pumpkins, and cabbage from the garden!

As for beef, we have sold out for the seaon. We are working on growing the heard and starting a new line of Dexter, Angus and hopefully Wagyu.

We will look to have more beef available around late spring, so make reservations now.

We also got goats. We have three little Nigerian Dwarf Goats, so cute I just can't even! We might breed the ladies, because why not have baby goats? And attempt having goats milk.

We have cider, jams, Apple sauce, pies and more for sale. I'll be updating the site soon with the new seasons treats...stay tuned.

Happy fall!

Jasper Springs Farm

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