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Jasper Springs... Dog Park??

Sometimes social media can be cool. I mean, we use it, but it's a love-hate relationship. This past week in one of the farm groups we belong to on Facebook we saw a post from a gentlemen (his name is David), who was looking for farms within 2 hours of Seattle where he could visit with his dog, to enjoy nature and open space. He even offered to pay farm owners to allow him to explore and use their land. Why you ask?

Well, he had some bad experiences at local dogs parks in the Seattle area, including his dog getting bitten. (Ugh) Sometimes people think their dogs are perfect, like their kids, but guess what...love is blind. The experience David had drove him to think about alternative solutions to get his pup out of the city and their apartment. David even started a site called SniffSpot.com, where he shares farms or backyards of those willing to let dog owners use their space. Pretty cool. Dog owners can socialize their dogs in new environments, while meeting new people and dogs in a more intimate setting (or on a big ass farm!).

Above: Soba, feeling free!

Anyway, we welcomed David to visit our farm with Soba. They were super nice, good peeps...we love meeting nice folks these days. We didn't want money, we simply thought why not share this beautiful land we have with others? It seems silly to have so many acres and not let those who can appreciate it come enjoy what we get to experience everyday.

Here are some photos David shared with us. Not too shabby, eh? If you want to visit our farm, simply email us, we'd love to have you.


The Farm Crew at Jasper Springs

Above: The trail to the back 13 acres. So green!

-Above: Enjoying life!-

Above: Success. A tired pup!

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