• Erin

On the Loose!

Today we started off the morning getting ready for pancakes, but those pancakes became lunch...at 2:30 PM. Why? Well, it seems one of the baby cows decided the grass was green on the other side and managed to get loose (this happens time to time). But she is getting bigger and feistier, so a little chasing was involved. (I needed a workout anyway.)

She finally got back in with the herd after making them all jealous over the fresh grass she got in the yard.

They needed a new bale of hay, but we decided it was time to move their feed bin. The cows are in the winter pasture, but over time if they are left to feed in the same area it creates a massive mud and manure pack. It's pretty normal, but we want to rotate them around a little so they aren't always standing in mud and potentially exposed to parasites. Plus, really it doesn't look so fun.

Now they have a fresh, grassy area to enjoy their organic hay bale! They are pretty happy, too. Running to their new feeding spot included some pretty good jumps, kicks and hops of joy.

It was a beautiful day here full of sun, rain, and rainbows. We hope your day was full of happiness, too.

Love the crew,

Jasper Springs Farm

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