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By the Box, Half, Quarter or Whole  

This is the most economical way to buy grass-fed beef, and the healthiest! There are options for couples, small families, large families and for those looking to share and save on cost with friends, family etc. 

  • Box Orders range from $65-$182, see details below. 

  • Quarters Cost $4.50 per lb.| hanging weight avg. 125-220 lb. = $562-$990 

Quarter requires a $125 deposit, non-refundable | est. yield: 75-160 lbs. 

  • Halves Cost is $4.25 per lb. | hanging weight avg. 250-390 lb. = $1,062-$1,657 

Half requires a $175 deposit, non-refundable | est. yield: 150-275 lbs.

  • Whole Cost is $4.00 per lb. | hanging weight avg. 450-780 lb. = $1,800-$3,120 

Whole requires a $250 deposit, non-refundable | est. yield: 270-550 lbs.

By the INDIVIDUAL CUT (not always available, please contact us):

  • Tenderloin Steaks $12/lb.

  • Ribeye Steaks $10/lb.

  • NY Strip Steaks $9/lb.

  • Sirloin Steaks $11/lb.

  • London Broil Steaks $9/lb.

  • Flank, Flap, Hangar, & Skirt Steaks $8/lb. (great to marinate, grill & slice thin or make fajitas with)

  • Kabobs $7/lb.

  • Ground Beef $5.75/lb.

  • Premium Roasts (for Rare Roasting) $5.50/lb.

  • Top Round/Bottom Round Roasts (for pot roasting, braising, or BBQ Beef) $5.50/lb.

  • Chuck Roast/Brisket/Eye Round, Rump, & Arm Roasts Stew Meat $6.00/lb.

  • Short Ribs $6.00/lb.

  • Soup Bones/Shanks (2” thick slices with meat on the bone… great for stock, soup, stew) $5.00/lb.

  • Liver, Heart, Tongue, Oxtails $4.00/lb.


Understanding What You Get

Custom JSF Box

Our sampler box of grass-fed beef typically feature a mix of cuts which often include roasts, steaks, burger, shanks, stew meat, short ribs, fajita steaks, etc. A custom box will vary, 10-20 lbs, $5.50-$6.25/lb. and requires a $30 deposit.  Based on the cow, we will discuss this with you at time of ordering what you'd like to receive. This is great for couples. Note: this option is not always available.

35 lb. Box

You will get 35 lb. mix of grass-fed beef cuts, which often include roasts, steaks, burger, shanks, stew meat, short ribs, fajita steaks, etc.

Cost is $182 for a 35 lb. box. Requires an $80 deposit. Great for small families. Freezer space required is approx. 20"W x 16"L x 7"D. 

Whole, Half & Quarter Beef Pricing Details

  • WHOLE is sold at a bulk rate of $4.00/lb. hanging weight, and pre-sold with a $250 non-refundable deposit.

  • HALVES are sold at special bulk rate of $4.25/lb. hanging weight and are pre-sold with an $175 non-refundable deposit.

  • QUARTERS are sold at 4.50/lb. hanging weight with a $125 non-refundable deposit.

*Hanging weight is with head, hide & entrails removed once at the butcher.

The yield, or final weight will be roughly 60-70% of the hanging weight (DATA PROVIDED BY OUR BUTCHER). The final balance due will be determined after the animals have been taken to the butchers. Our hanging weights for a HALF beef is typically 250-390 lbs, for reference. 

*Note: Angus usually weigh more, Dexter are smaller and weigh less.  Angus and Dexter cross are in the middle, we call them Dangus! Contact us for more information. 

Why is this important for you to understand?

The final price you pay depends entirely on the size of the animal and it’s hanging weight.

For example on a quarter it may vary:

  • $4.50 x 150 lbs = $675 (yields 97+ lbs. of finished cuts)

  • $4.50 x 220 lbs = $990 (yields 143+ lbs. of finished cuts)

We will call you about 2 weeks before the beef is ready for shipment, with a pickup date or ship date, and a balance due based upon the animal’s hanging weight. All balances are due in full at time of pickup/shipment. Pickup times and dates are firm as we do not have enough freezer space to store anyone’s beef for lengthy periods of time.

What do I get from a Half Beef?: How an animal is butchered can dramatically affect the yield. Whether bones are left in, how closely the butcher trims the surface fat, and how much fat is left in the ground meat is a big part of what determines the yield. The yield is typically 60-70% of the hanging weight so, you can expect 150 to 275 lbs of finished cuts depending on the size of the animal for a HALF and 75-160 lbs for a QUARTER. We will work with you when you place your order to fully explain cuts, and the details of how it works. We allow you to also custom what you want as much as possible.

Boneless or Bone-In?: We tend to butcher more boneless on quicker cooking cuts, and tend to leave the bones in on longer cooking cuts where the meat will fall off the bone, thereby maximizing the actual amount of meat you are able to eat. It is important to note that the amount of edible meat does not change with boneless cuts, and boneless cuts take up less room in your freezer.

How Lean?: We tend to have the butcher leave less fat on the cuts and use less fat in the ground beef opting for 80-85% lean ground beef. Grass-fed beef is also leaner than grain fed beef by nature, so if you are not used to cooking grass-fed ground beef, you will quickly learn that you will need a light coating of oil to keep the beef from sticking to your pan or grill, and when you brown your ground beef, you will happily discover it is not swimming in its own grease once browned!

How much freezer space for a half beef?: Usually a half beef takes up about 8 cu. ft. of “upright” freezer space. A whole cow can usually fit in one standard chest freezer, 14.8 cu. ft. *See FAQ page for more.

What cuts will I receive?: Working closely with our butcher we determined the best way to cut the beef halves in order to give you the highest quality cuts, the greatest possible yield, and a good variety of cuts to keep your beef dinners interesting. As mentioned we also work with you at time of order. 

  • Cuts you can expect: Tenderloin Steaks (Filet Mignon) • Ribeye Steaks • NY Strip Steaks • Sirloin Steaks • London Broil Steaks • Flank, Skirt & Hangar Steaks • Short Ribs • Shoulder / Rump Roasts • Chuck Roasts • Briskets • Shanks (Soup Bones) • Liver in 1 lb. packages • Stew Meat (in 1 lb. pkgs) • Ground Beef (in 1 lb. packages) • Top & Bottom Round Roasts

  • For steaks, we usually cut to 1” thick and 1 per package for larger steaks, 2 per package for smaller steaks

  • Roasts are typically 3-4 lbs (designed for a family of 4 with leftovers) but roast sizes can vary depending on size of the animal. The butcher will determine the best way to divide a particular piece of meat into multiple roasts in the interest of maximizing your yield

  • Stew meat and ground meat are packaged in 1 lb. packages

Visit the FAQ page to further understand the process of ordering a cow from our farm.  Click here. 

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