Grass-Fed Beef, Grass-Finished, Humanely Raised, No Hormones, No Antibiotics

What does grass-fed beef really mean?

Many people aren’t sure what type of beef they are eating so we hope to help by providing some education. Grass-fed means that cattle are raised their entire life on natural grasses. They eat a diet that consists of grass, legumes, herbs and forbs (herbaceous flowering plant). Our crew enjoy organic apples from our farm as a healthy treat. They live outside, in natural conditions, and are humanely raised from the time they are born until they day they are processed. We spoil our heard with lots of love and affection.

How is this different from how other cattle are raised? 

It is a fact that 99% of all the beef you buy has been raised in a factory-farm setting where cattle are raised in the stressful conditions. They are confined in overcrowded sections where they are exposed to disease and forced to eat grains, etc., that are not natural.

It’s not something you’d want to see. Our pastured, grass-fed cows have a dramatically better life as they remain on pasture from birth to your table, roaming around in fresh air and sunshine. We raise small herds, 10-15 cattle, with over 20 acres of land and lush meadows. 

What else do I need to know before I buy?

Cows are ruminants, which means mammals that are able to acquire nutrients from plant-based food by fermenting it in a specialized stomach prior to digestion, principally through microbial actions. Therefore, the diet of grass-fed cows is meant to be: fresh pasture, hay, or grass silage.  

In larger, mass scale production, cows are switched to a diet based on grain. They are often given poultry litter and food waste, which is why you’ve heard about mad cow in the news. Grain changes the chemical reactions that take place in the cow’s rumen and results in unnatural, unhealthy chemical changes within the animal. To top it off, these big producers speed growth and reduce the health issues stemmed from being fed this unnatural diet and stressful living, by treating them with hormones, feed additives, and daily doses of antibiotics (leading to disease resistant bacteria). It is this environment that fosters things like e. Coli bacteria, Mad Cow and other silent killers. We think this is all pretty gross, don’t you?


Before it became all about economics, beef was grass-fed. What you buy in the grocery store around the country is almost all grain-fed beef. Even when labeled organic, the beef you’re eating was likely grain-finished.  If your food is loaded with chemicals you can rest assured that you will become the toxic waste site where these chemicals will wreak havoc over time on your body. If you want to live healthier, more sustainable and humanely, take time to learn where your food comes from and why it's important.

Be apart of change and reexamining our food systems!

Does it taste different?

Yes! Grass-fed and finished beef has a robust, original taste that comes from how cattle are supposed to be raised. You will be amazed at the difference. Our beef is made for rare to medium-rare cooking. The main reason for tough or “gamey” tasting grass-fed beef is overcooking. Take time to follow some recipes and truly enjoy the flavor.

Health Benefits

Grass-fed, finished beef is low in fat and in artery-clogging saturated fat. It provides a considerably higher amount of healthy Omega-3 fats than grain-fed meat. Omega-3 diets help to lower risk of heart attack, high blood pressure, schizophrenia, depression, attention deficit and Alzheimer's disease. 
Here is an example: a 12-ounce steak from a grass-fed cow has 1/3 as much fat as a grain-fed cow, AND has up to 200 fewer calories, 6 times more Omega-3, and four times the amount of vitamin E than meat from feedlots. We’ve also learned that it is 5 times higher in Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), a nutrient associated with lowering cancer risk.

Why else Jasper Springs for my beef?

We raise both Angus and Dexter cattle, some have been crossed as they make for the perfect size cow for a smaller farm, and are known for their delicious taste. We are animal people first, meaning we love our cows and keep the herd smaller so we can give them the very best- from rich grass land to organic hay. Our farm has been in production since 1915, it was originally the Roselli Farm, known for you-pick strawberries. We continue to keep the spirit alive and never use any sprays, fertilizers, chemicals, etc. on our farm. Even what we use in our home is organic and plant-based. We keep it real!


Jasper Springs also offers fresh eggs from free-range chickens, apple, pear, plum and blackberry trees/bushes, from which we make apple cider, apple butter, pies, and much more (seasonal).

Help Save the Small Farmer

By purchasing our grass-fed beef, you keep our small farm and other small farms in operation, plus you preserve land. We’re always looking for other farmers and landowners to partner with. By moving animals from one fresh paddock to another, grass is continually being grazed when the vitamins, minerals, and proteins are at their best. Consequently, cattle get the best possible nutrition, manure is spread evenly across the land, and the farmland actually improves with use. We sell locally (pick-up) and ship to anywhere in the U.S.

Jasper Springs Farm, our grass-fed, grass finished cattle in the back acres of Jasper Springs Farm